Ultrasonic cleaners guarantee a superior performance and deep cleaning of intricate cavities, gaps and grooves. The key strength of our systems and a constant need in all cleaning processes.

Hard work becomes easy.


Our long-lasting biodegradable detergents, specially designed for our ultrasonic cleaning equipment, only require the use of small amounts, making our systems environmentally friendly.


We have achieved the perfect balance in energy usage. Thanks to constant research we stay on top of technology and new developments, guaranteeing competitive and sustainable ultrasonic cleaning equipment.


Our Research and Development team analyses each process individually to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

This ensures we obtain an outstanding production in the same time frame.


Limpieza por ultrasonidos

In Green Technologies we are committed to the environment and to our clients. Current environmental regulations have transformed processes that used to be solely chemical into a true physical and chemical challenge in order to achieve a marginal impact on our ecosystem. And here is where the importance of our Research and Development department resides. Thanks to a highly qualified team we can offer solutions to the many different cleaning problems of our clients. Our ultrasonic cleaning technology is one of the most efficient systems known to date, able to reach levels of energy efficiency of up to 95%. This means that the ultrasonic cleaning systems developed by Green Technologies are the best option available.