Our partners

In this section you can find information on the companies that collaborate with Green Technologies. In order to foster a joint research endeavour and teamwork, we have partnered with other companies that complement certain processes or needs. These companies support our ultrasonic cleaners and are part of specialized projects to help us satisfy our clients’ needs. Due to the quality of their products and services, these companies have our full support.


CABYPRES – TECNOAIRPINT, S.L. Tecnoairpint™ has been manufacturing and installing paint booths for the industry sector since 1982 and it offers an extensive portfolio to satisfy all needs. Our aim is to evolve, and adapt to new technologies and our clients’ needs for each project, developing each project individually. With more than two-decades’ experience, and a valuable human team, we have been capable of developing a high-quality product. Our personalized service, paired with a positive attitude, is also part of our product.

POL. IND Masía del Juez
c/ Librers, 3
46001 – TORRENT – Valéncia – Spain
Tel. (+34) 96 158 88 40
Fax. (+34) 96 158 88 41 

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Cidblast is a young company with a strong presence due to the excellent know-how of its employees and the constant demand for new technologies through the development and adherence to protocols with different institutions. The presence of Cidblast throughout the value chain allows the existence of a continuous feedback of information that leads to the improvement and development, monitoring and determining actions taken to optimize malfunctions, advising on methodologies for process optimization

Principal Avenida # 44
Zona Industrial Casal do Marco
2840-19 Seixal, Portugal
Tel: +351 212 741 221
Fax: +351218264246